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Top tips for supporting local businesses!

Small and local businesses are at the heart of each community. You may think that they just need tourists to thrive as a business but reality is, they rely on locals just as much, especially out of season!

We’ve put together a few tips on how you can support your local businesses, like Country Harvest.

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Shop Local

The first obvious tip for supporting local business is shop local. This doesn’t necessarily mean all the time, but whenever you can, it is best to shop local and help support the businesses that surround your community. It may cost slightly more, but it does wonders for your community and helps keeps these businesses afloat.. which benefits locals and tourists!

Shopping for groceries in your local farm shop wherever you can is not only beneficial to your local economy but it’s usually much fresher and organic! You may also find lots of products you can’t find online, such as local small suppliers.

Word of mouth

If you love your local businesses, why not shout about them!

Telling your family, friends, colleagues etc, can be so helpful. Talking costs nothing and spreading the word about the businesses in your community could really help them thrive and increase their footfall.

More customers will also allow them to grow their business benefitting both tourists and locals as they can offer more products and services, provide more job opportunities and bring in more tourism to the area.

Social Media Support

Social Media is a crucial for businesses, as is the engagement from their followers. It might sound obvious but the more engagement they get on socials, the more people will see their post/page, therefore creating a wider audience (ultimately what most businesses want!).

So next time you’re scrolling past a post on Facebook or Instagram posted by a local business, why not give it a like, share or comment, to help them out – they will definitely appreciate all the help they can get! And let’s be honest, we spend hours scrolling through social platforms, it would only take a second to engage with a local business post and help widen their reach.

Sign up to their newsletter

Not only is this a great way of keeping up to date with the local businesses that you love, it will often benefit you with sales, discounts, events and giveaway notifications which a lot of businesses do include in their newsletters.

Subscribing to their mailing list won’t cost you anything and it will help them grow as a business.


A lot of people research reviews when searching for things to do/places to visit. But if people didn’t leave reviews for businesses then others wouldn’t have an indication of what to expect.

So, next time you visit somewhere that you love, consider taking 2 minutes out of your day to review them – Google reviews, Facebook and Trip Advisor are all helpful ways to support them. It will help them rank higher and therefore be found by new potential customers.

You may be thinking these tips are ‘obvious’ but it’s surprising how many people forget to do them, especially for businesses they visit regularly!

So what are you going to do to support your local business…?

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