Relax & Recharge Gift Set


  • Relaxing eye mask
  • Lavender scented temple balm
  • Scented room mist, to help you switch off and unwind

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Enhance your wellbeing and take time out with this lovely relax & recharge gift set. Everyone needs a bit of ‘me’ time now and then – when you switch off your phone, forget your to-do list and lose yourself in doing absolutely nothing except focus on enjoying some positive energy.



1. Mist: lightly spray throughout the air. Only a few sprays are required. Allow to settle and enjoy the wonderful aromas and therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

2. Balm: dab onto pulse points such as wrists, neck or temples and gently inhale.

3. Mask: place the mask over your eyes to block out light and enjoy the soothing sensation of satin against your skin.

Now, take as long as you need to relax & recharge.