Making Tracks Walking Guide “Yorkshire Dales”


* Emphasis is on walking with fun and activity in mind.
* The eye-catching, brightly illustrated booklets provide all the information needed, and encourage children to look for things of interest along the way.
  • This colourful collection is written and illustrated to appeal to children between the ages of 5 and 11.
  • Has equal appeal to mature walkers interested in shorter walks of interest.
  • Helpful advice on what children should wear and what to take with them.
  • Country Code explained.


Written and illustrated by primary school teacher Joanne Wright, whose inspiration stems from her own love of walking. “I thought that if you could get children to feel in charge by making the walks easy and enjoyable to read, they would learn to love walking as much as I do.”
The series is, therefore, designed for children to take the lead with straightforward instructions and child-friendly maps. The “Making Tracks” Packs also appeal to some third-age walkers who enjoy walking with their grandchildren, or simply like to undertake interesting walks at a more leisurely pace.
The locations of the walks are throughout the Yorkshire Dales and include:
  • Hawes
  • Clapham
  • Grassington
  • Malham Cove
  • Aysgarth Falls
  • Richmond
  • Studley Royal Estate
  • Brimham Rocks
  • Bolton Abbey
  • Middleham.