Ordering Service

Got a party coming up? Don’t fancy doing all the catering yourself? Country Harvest to the rescue with its special ordering service. The quiches, savoury pies, and some desserts which feature on our popular Coffee Shop menu are also available to order. Either pop in to collect an order form, or call us on 015242-42223 or to contact the Coffee Shop direct, 015242 42355.

Party desserts for you to order
Party desserts for you to order

To place an order let us know the size and number or products you require eg: 3 small ham quiches and 1 large gateau and 20 plain pork pies. We will also need your name, address, daytime phone number, and the date & time you would like to collect your order (minimum 24 hours notice required).

Here are some example of what you can order:
(small 8in / large 11in)


Ham, cheese & mushroom £11.95 small / £17.95 large
Bacon, Cheese & onion £11.95 small / £17.95 large

Savoury pies
Cheese & onion £11.95 small / £17.95 large
Chicken, ham & leek £12.95 small / £19.95 large
Steak & onion £13.95 small / £20.95 large

Pork Pies
Plain individual pork pie £1.55 each (4 for £5)
Rambler (with black pudding) £1.65 each
Fellsman (with cranberry, turkey, sausagemeat & stuffing) £1.99 each

For bulk orders – price on request

Egg custard £10.95 small / £16.95 large
Lemon meringue pie £12.95 small / £18.95 large
Frozen raspberry & hazelnut roulade £14.95 (6 portions)
Caramel Apple Granny £18.95